Top 3 Scariest Places in Europe

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Most people travel to tropical countries to swim in the beach and get a gorgeous tan. Others go to romantic cities to taste their centuries-old wine and sumptuous meals. Families want to bond in festive theme parks or inside big and dazzling resorts and casinos. However, there are also people who like hair-raising experiences in haunted places for a vacation. Below are the top 3 scariest places in Europe that would scare the wits out of you, if you should dare visit.



After the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster, what was once a bustling city is now an abandoned town. Residents of Pripyat were only given 2 days to evacuate the whole area to avoid lethal dose of radiation. Even after 3 decades, things were exactly where they were left. Books and bags litter classrooms, frying pans and kettles are left on the kitchen stoves, lonely toys and milk bottles left in children’s rooms, all because people thought they will just be gone for a couple of days. Remnants of their daily lives are what makes the abandoned buildings creepier than they already are. A visit here will give you an eerie apocalyptic feels.


Italy is famous for their food and wine, but even the most romantic city in the world also has its dark side. This little island of Poveglia was once home to people who suffered the black plague. Dead patients were burned in mass graves that is why their soil is known to be from human ash. As if the negative energy is not yet enough, a mental asylum was also constructed and mentally disturbed patients were shipped on to the island by boat. Because of the seclusion, demented doctors were said to perform heinous experiments on their patients. And up until now, people who visited the island swore to have heard screams thought to be from the tormented souls of those patients.


The foreboding façade of the old abandoned veterinary school in Brussels, Belgium is a perfect location for a horror film. It’s not the souls of humans that are haunting the place but of animals that underwent barbaric experimentation. The foul stench from dark liquids in jars and the assorted parts of animals are what makes it known to be as “Horror Labs”. Animal Frankensteins are the creepiest part of this crumbling gothic building. The head of a young cow sewn to the leg of a cat and a pig’s head stitched together with different parts of cats and dogs are the kind of artifacts that will surely give you nightmares for a long while.

If you are sane enough, you probably won’t go or even think of these places to be part of your vacation. But, if you’re a thrill-seeker, these are the coolest to write on your itinerary, besides, a little scare every once in a while is needed to spice up your life.