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Best places to travel in 2019

Now a days, people are well aware of the wonders of this world. They know what our planet has to offer us. It is so exciting to have a long list of places. But, at the same time, it is daunting. This is because, each year this list becomes longer. So, in order to help you out, we are here with best places where you should travel this year. You can make your plan in the coming few months as well. We have explored many new places which we are going to mention here for our readers.

This list will help you if you are planning for something heart stopping or for family adventure. These are the best destinations for a new year.

Solta, Croatia:
Croatia is a home of more than thousand islands. In the previous few years it was a bit expensive spot. But, in this year, policies are changed. Now, you can visit this country in a very reasonable price. You can hit the sea and have fun with your family on the beautiful beaches Croatia. This island is famous for its longest beach. It has numerous bays as well. You must add this place in your list to travel in this year.

Greenville, South Carolina:
This place is setting into the spot light for its hot and spicy food. The restaurants in this place are getting so much attention from the people around the world. This is known as the hot spot for foodies. This place has a dynamic structure. If you want to take a tour, all you need to do is to download an application and enjoy the wonders of this city. This city is a hub for art lovers. There are many museums which attracts visitors from all over the world. You must add it in your list of 2019 traveling destinations.

This island is known for its mind blowing flavors. You will find its beaches in world top ten beaches. In addition to that, you can experience the best hiking in Grenada. There are beautiful waterfalls which will take your breath away. The country has a very rich wild life and all of them are preserved in their national parks. Grenada is blessed with acres of greenery which will make you feel fresh. This is all travelers’ wants. The lively culture of the country inspires the tourists. During your stay, you can book luxurious resorts.

Buenos Aires, Argentina:
Last in our list is another art hub, Buenos Aires. This city is very popular for its ancient culture. The sports of Argentina are very popular. Many local artists of this city are presenting the country on international level. They promote their art through different exhibitions and attracts the art lovers to the city. Argentina has many other cities which you must visit once in your lifetime. You must travel to Argentina in 2019.